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The New Internet

Decentralized, secure, private. The PiperNet is on it's way to revolutionize every smartphone, PC, and smart-fridge near you.

The New Internet

Decentralized, secure, private. The PiperNet is on it's way to revolutionize every smartphone, PC, and smart-fridge near you.


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Bringing the Internet to the People.

Our mission is not to outsell Hooli with a product like their latest Box 3. We are not in it for the money - we are in it to make the whole world decentralized.

Some of our awesome features


Your data is virtually unhackable compared to traditional net


Nobody is tracking you when your activity when you use Piper Net


Previously unimaginable transfer speed thanks to middle-out compression

Some of our awesome features


Your data is stored in many places at once. Awesome, right?

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Nobody will be able to use your data without your consent.

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Your online activity is only yours to know. Always.

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PiperNet Setup

Let's get you connected!

We've designed a simple, efficient process for companies migrating to PiperNet. Here's how it works.


Move Data

Using our Piper Assistant application, you can move your data to be stored our decentralized network with simple drag & drop.


Integrate Software

We want to make sure that you can keep using the software that you use to manage your business.


Ongoing Support

As with all innovative technologies, sometimes unpredictable things will happen, and you can always count on our support to solve issues for you.

What's So Great About PiperNet?

Russ Hanneman

Investor, Angel, Great Guy

This is such a great product that I feel aroused every time I use it. I didn't know the boys would be able to build, but god damn it, they did it. Kickass!

CEO at K-Hole

It's a really cool network. Like, we had a fight with Richard at one point, and I think they deleted some of my data, but then they brought it back. Just bro's being bro's.

Thousands of happy companies

Our plans

Choose one of our tailored solutions. For you and your team.

Small Piper

$10/ mo

  • 100GB storage
  • 5 Applications
  • 20 users max
  • Unlimited Data Transfer

Medium Piper

$50/ mo

  • 1000GB storage
  • 20 Applications
  • 200 users max
  • Unlimited Data Transfer

Enterprise Piper

$100/ mo

  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited Applications
  • Unlimited users max
  • Unlimited Data Transfer

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a decentralized network different from the traditional web?

Decentralization is a key aspect of PiperNet. Traditionally, to access data on a website, you needed to connect to a single server containing that data. This method of storing data makes it easy for third parties to get access to it, corrupt it or even delete it. In PiperNet it is securely stored on multiple devices in the network, which makes it harder to hack and interfere with your data.

Why shouldn't I just store my data on a Hooli Box?

That's just the thing - if you store your data in a single place, like Gavin Belsons' poorly-made server box, your data will very susceptible to hacking. Whereas on PiperNet, your data is safe with many copies to back it up from.

What makes PiperNet so safe?

Our proprietary middle-out compression algorithm allows data to flow so fast that it can't be hacked! But, in all seriousness, the algorithm helps but it's the public, immutable ledger that makes it secure. This enables PiperNet users to exchange data without risk of it being intercepted by third parties.

How long does it take to get a company up and running on PiperNet?

Access to the public network is granted within a day, but moving all your data and integrating your existing software depends on how big your company is. Startups can expect to be fully online within a week, enterprises can take up to a month due to large reliance on legacy systems and huge datasets.

Contact the Pied Piper team

Let's talk about the future of the internet

We're here to answer your questions and discuss the decentralized future of the internet.

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